Actress Omotola Jalade Unveils Juicy Romantic Side With Hubby On Social Media (READ)


Spotless Actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is Known by many as moody and uncompromising, and even to the point of being regarded as stiff, that may take offence to the simplest of jokes.

But in many instances, the mother of four has shown there is a light side to her personality as she did on Wednesday in a post on her Facebook page.

Many Nigerians will still remember that Wednesday, June 7, as cold, rainy day and our screen goddess is no exception. Omos*xy, as she is called by her fans, in the post, stated that she got stuck in her car in the rain when a call came through to her that her husband, Captain Matthew, has had his flight cancelled.

For many women, this may mean different things, depending on the health of their marriage and their relationship with their husbands. For Omos*xy, it did show there is still some spark.

“Raining really much today. Been stuck in my car for a bit then a call came in from that captain… his flight’s been cancelled. Okay am going home. Nice weather? … to watch Tv ? * # jokesformarriedfolksonly, ? * # rainyseason, * # osexynationals, Sshhhhh…”, she posted.

To every discerning adult, watching television, alone with your spouse on a rainy, cold, working day, having called off every other engagements, is as believable as seeing the moon on a clear day. Of course, many of her fans caught on to the joke and their comments said it all.

A Sylvia Kallon commented,

“Omosxy are you sure you are going to watch TV or the TV will be watching you and Captain?????” Another fan, Edna, joked, “Hmmmm cancellation of flight for captain and he and omosxy going home to watch TV in dis weather for two, abeg hope the grown ups are not at home sha. Make una do quick and let the gain of twenty years become quick jare, happy stay for weather for two.”

Even Omotola in her hashtags has said it was a joke for the married folks only.

Source: Vanguard

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