Adesua declaring love for Jidenna few weeks before her engagement to banky was announced (Screenshot)

Few weeks after her open declaration of love for jidenna, adesua is now engaged to Nigerian Singer Banky W.

Just wondering, now that Adesua is engaged to banky, were does this leave Jidenna? lol

See her tweet below;

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  1. Marriage is not boyfriend and girlfriend thing.even with all this write up you can’t change how they feel for each other.even if you have one million boyfriends there must be one you will say I do to

  2. I still wonder why nigerians won’t let people get married in peace, if it is not the witches, it is the society… I LOVE BANKY, I LOVE JIDENNA, must they only be loved on valentine’s day… Please, nobody should put an end to this “WEDDING PARTY” part 2… This is now reality, show some respect to the new couple…

  3. If truly she wrote such thing……….it simply connote that she preferred jidenna over banky w……..and for there marriage to last cannot be guarantee…….so I don’t really feel for Jidenna(cause she wasn’t the first person to make such comment, ) am just pitying banky……..

  4. Love means alot of things. If she said she loves jidenna it could agape love nothing much. U pple should stop already. When i see celebrity marraiges fail social media is always at d fore front haba! Make una leave dem alone joor. When a guy wants to confess his love this days he says ‘ my love for u is stronger dan dat of banky and adesuwa’. If its nt true love i wonder what is.

  5. Na which kind bad belle people una be na???
    D other day u say she dumped one Tunde like dat for Banky nd now u’re saying she wrote love messages to this oncle…
    Ok ooo…u ppl should wehdon ooo…My own is dat u should allow banky nd susu to get married in peace.
    What’s our biznes with d love letter?? Are u her husband (banky)??.
    Writing love letter is not a crime…afterall it is d first commandment… Love ur nebos as ur selfs.

  6. You people have started again why won’t you let dis girl have her privacy must you be following up on her daily activity put your self in her shoes now when people start posting nonsense about you how will you feel all because of money you are spoiling someone image everyone needs their privacy you don’t go about casting stones on people it is not nice at five d girl alone and find your own love

  7. And u peepo think banky didn’t see d post??? Oh yes,he did and he still wants her…so to me,he knows wassup wiv em..y’all let dem rest biko…How I Love Their Love (banky and adesua I mean)

  8. Bad belle nor go leave dier marriage cos dey know Banky loves her n is a responsible fellow now dey r busy digging into her matter…God will disgrace all d enemies of Banky and Adesua in Jesus name Amen!

  9. Can’t someone just say I love you again? Must it be that type your rotten mind is thinking about? Many of us have said that several times to someone that you are not romantically involved. Please let this couple be. And why did the Jidenna reveal this message at this point in time? Is he jealous? You wouldn’t like to ruin someone home, would you? My dear, yours is waiting patiently for you.

  10. Wicked people. They keep their marriage and home intact and try to scatter people’s own. Any attempt or plan by any evil woman, man or blog to spoil this beautiful couple happiness, may the fire of holy ghost consume such people and blog IJN. Amen

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