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After Giving Birth At The Age Of 60, Woman Gets Dumped By Her Husband


After spending 20 years trying to have a baby, A woman got dumped by her husband.

When she finally became pregnant as a pensioner aged 60, The husband changed his mind when he heard the baby screaming in the maternity ward – and told his wife that he was too old to put up with the crying.

Serif Nokic, 68, decided to leave her on the day the baby arrived in Novi Pazar, in western Serbia’s Raska District.

He told his partner, Atifa Ljajic, that newborn daughter Alina would keep him up at night with her crying.

When asked about abandoning new mum Atifa, Serif said: ‘She got what she wanted, now she is happy.’

Serif claims that living with a baby at his age would be too damaging to his health.

Atifa also has health problems, including high blood pressure, but says she is ready to raise her daughter alone.

Atifa was considered a high-risk pregnancy and was in hospital for the three months leading up to giving birth.

Atifa, who worked in a textile factory, says she will raise her baby by herself even though she has little money.

As her 60th birthday neared, Atifa had almost given up hope of having children, when doctors told her she was finally expecting a baby following fertility treatment.

Atifa fulfilled her lifelong dream when she successfully gave birth to the healthy baby girl.

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