‘I ignored Drake’s DM for Banky W’ – Adesua Etomi reveals

As seen on TNS

We had an exclusive interview with talk-of-the-town Nollywood star Adesua Etomi about her engagement to Banky W.

Here’s how it went.

ME: Hi Adesua. Congratulations!

ADESUA: Thanks ‘Segun. I saw all the posts you guys did about our engagement. That’s why I thought I should grant TNS this exclusive interview. The first since our announcement.

ME: And you won’t regret it.

[Adesua’s phone rings. It’s Banky W. She has his name stored as Olubankole teminikan. She asks for permission and picks]

ADESUA: [grinning] Hi babe… Yeah, I’m good. I’m with ‘Segun… The dude from TNS… Yeah… I miss you too… I can’t wait to kiss that you on the head…[giggles]… Muah… I love you too baby… See ya later… You’re going to be at Ebuka’s abi?… Yeah, I’m coming… Bye [ends call]

ADESUA: Sorry about that ‘Segun. It was my baby.

ME: [pretending] You’re a baby mama too? You did a very good job of hiding it…

ADESUA: Banky jor. Banky…my baby. Weren’t you listening to the conversation?

ME: Oh, sorry. Okay, so, how did you feel when Banky slid into your DM?

ADESUA: [giggles] It was magical. He made me laugh. He said something about his head and how an airplane can land on it.

ME: [aside] He should have just changed his nickname to MM3.

ADESUA: You said?

ME: Nothing. I just remembered I didn’t feed my chicken this morning before leaving the house.

ADESUA: [laughs] You’re almost funny.

ME: Some people say even though they do not doubt that both of you are engaged, they think the photo he put out was a photo shoot, not the actual proposal photo.


ME: They say you were too composed. Like he already sent you a DM the day before that he was going to propose the next day. They say, not me of course, that it looked too much that there was a director for the shoot. Why didn’t you swoon?

ADESUA: No jor. Banky is such a sweet fellow. I knew he would not drag his feet about where we were going with what we had.

ME: Shots fired!


ME: [coughs] No one. But no matter how hard I looked at that picture, I didn’t see any gold in it.

ADESUA: [laughs] You cheeky bastard. I see what you did there.

[We high-five each other]

ME: Is it true that you turned down Falz for Banky W?


ME: We also heard you ignored an American for Banky W. True?


ME: Who?

ADESUA: Drake.

ME: Drake? Which Drake? What does he do?

ADESUA: Same Drake. The American star. The one that did the song with Wizkid.

ME: Ahdonbelieveit!!!

ADESUA: Well, I ignored his DM. He sent me a DM two days before Banky proposed.

ME: And you didn’t reply?

ADESUA: Nah. I couldn’t do that to my baby.

ME: Issalie, Susu.

ADESUA: Issatrue, ‘Segun.

ME: My chwest! Apostle must hear this.

Congratulations to Adesua Etomi and Banky W.

May your union be blessed.

To those who believe this conversation took place in any other place apart from my head, President Buhari is hale and hearty and the only reason we haven’t been seeing him is because The Presidency heard that Jack Bauer is coming to Nigeria. Lol!

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  1. You guys should try and understand how the interview went; she didn’t just come up with the Drake stuff; More so Adesua is not a lady that talks much or over see herself….. Pls let her be.

  2. Lies lies lies…… 9ja babes can lie oh.. Abeg get on wit ur marriage b4 u blow up ur self letting every1 knw u wish for drake and not Mr. Banky.,,,,and ain’t gonna happen….
    .sorry banky d chick jst told u her wish…. Lol

  3. My hubby bought me house at Lekki and Ajah…..my hubby bought me SUV, RONGEROVER,,,,,my hubby is the best man on earth,,,, give them 17 month gbege don burst,, then we go dey hear say na me be my hubby all and all without me he is nothing,,,, anyway I wish you happy married life,.,., all this your formble dont come back and say had i know I should go for DRAKE,,,,, no be me talk am ooooo

  4. People like you are the cause of your problems,
    Already u have started coming to public to Yan rubbish..

    Tomorrow now if u start having problems with your Marriage, u will start to lament,
    Cant u be proud of your new status and keep it more private now.

    Emulate from the Good and failed celebrity marriages then use your tongue to count your teeth


  5. All dis block heads
    Una no go read well before una dey comment rubbish
    By d way…what is so special abt d drake dat she can’t ignore his DM????!

  6. Some idiots here think Drake is some demo god!! That nigga is an asshole , I believe Adesuwa but most importantly I wish her & Banky a very happy marriage for they are perfect today, so beautiful

    Una happy Sunday

  7. So adesua can lie like this
    …….lai Muhammad sister eh?
    Pls dear I pray
    My father
    My father,
    any spirit of lai Muhammad in ur life shd distroy…..
    Better mind ur marriage and keep ur affairs out of social media.
    I no wan hear banky infected me with STD.
    And so many funny words oh

    • Madam did u read d last paragraph after d intetview??? In the writer’s words “To those of you who think this interview took place in anyother place except in my head……” This simply means d interview didnt even take place at all, it was all a figment of his imagination… Y not read nd digest an information before pointing fingers???

  8. And the innocent Drake doesn’t know what’s happening on, yet someone wishes to vet he’s attention by saying yeah, watin u get pass Nicki or RiRi, that Drake would want a dry person like u. Marry Banky and keep quite

  9. the same people will praise you, the same people will criticize you, my dear just let the past be past n face your marriage… may God help you so that your marriage will last IJN

  10. You allowed me waste my data to read an interview that was never held? Una no well at all….as for the much talked about #bankyadesuwa I hope it won’t end like others?

  11. You guys should let the new couples be ok.. whatever the blogger wrote there is not true. besides there wasn’t any interview so stop comparing their marriage to other celebrities

  12. … Did you even read the post? The post is not true just a fiction as the writer said it all happened in his head. You don’t have mb to click and read the post and you just come out here insulting the innocent girl and carrying the matter on your head… LMAO…some people sef…lols

  13. Yea she got it but it’s Drakes fake account. Na Nija guy create am…lol madam you think say you fine pass those celebs abroad with good shape like doll na only face you fine oh.body no dey curved like nicki and Kim dem

  14. Na pounds and dollars me and my guys dey take shower(olamide) 30billion for your acct oo(Davido), I dey go America gust to charge my phone(Timaya) Now we’ve got a new one…I ignored Drakes DM for BankyW(adesua).celebrities are all dsame..world of lies

  15. Ahhhh Nigerians stop killing your selfs biko..all this stuff are just yo fake..she didn’t say it…they are trying to make money out of all dis stuff…watch and see dy will bring out another thing she said

  16. Wow ladieeees una fit life 4 africa asia all continents universe even space if possible ah
    Oga drake its nt a question he iz a demi god u think he stoop so low 4 u ah i lyked y b4 u don 4uck up
    Jesu drake what r u no reach dere ooo ole alatenuje

  17. I just wonder why some people don’t have any level of understanding.. The writer wrote that he just made up a story himself and its not a true occurrence. And still some low-level brainer are here accusing the lady of wanting to be important. She is innocent, and has nothing to do with this maked-up story. She never said anything written there above. So don’t start accusing or abusing the lady for what she doesn’t have a hand in.

    Do you expect her not to enjoy herself with her husband and start going to show with one Segun and started saying all those? Practically No! So she is not guilty of any word said in the story, the writer already said it all came from his head not from any occurrence.

  18. all of una no get work ooo una wehdone clap for una self no go look for Hw una life go take better una con dey follow ppl useless post for social media oteh main boys and girls MUMU

  19. Why can’t some people read before commenting? Ok just manage and read the last paragraph… why do u spend all this time, energy and money in school to learn how to read?

  20. Klinklin klinklinAssembly !!!!!Everybody in the here should come out from his or her room. There is gonna be a general search. 10mb is missing out of my sub…and If I don’t find it, I Will arrest everybody here…mark☑ my words officers begin the search now!#

  21. U av started abi don’t worry d devil that scatters celebrity relationship n marriage would be begged to cum n scatter it for u now just marry n keep ur family from social media dats my advice for u.drake lot Chris Brown ni

  22. Ah Ah they don start oooh, heee someone should hold this girl now before it becomes too late.. Just introduction u had yesterday ur mouth is leaking like a basket on social media nawaaoo.. So when u will eventually get full marriage u will table your marriage on public.. Pls it’s too early for this kind shits and just learn from what happened to others like Tonto dike, Mercy Aighegbe etc, so u won’t become the next story online.. Just an #Advice
    Even me I ignored Jenifer Katherine bill gates daughter DM for my unknown wife..
    Non sense

  23. Please y’all should read to the end nah… It’s just a story the writer cooked up, it never happened…and it’s clearly stated at the end of the write up… Haba…

  24. Nicki Minaj DM me dat i should date her but i ignore her for Rihanna and now i am planing on marrying Celina Gomez but pink has been eyeing me tho it’s Katy Perry who told her dat i like girls with good vocal and dat i once dated Adele who is pregnant for me and threaten to destroy me if i don’t marry her and tell Iggy azalea she said Hello, dat am for her alone but why? When she knows i love girls like Rihanna wit Sia kind of body ….. To be continue

  25. What are you guys talkin abt…she ignored drake?thats not a big stuff even me ignored beyonce and kim Kardashian b4 they later married their present hubbies…abeg let me come and be goin dis lie fear me

  26. Read between the lines to know that it’s an imaginary interview in the interviewer’s head before you start throwing shades at Adesua for nothing. Habaa. Na waaa

  27. Nigerians, itnwas just a prank. Read well before you conclude. Anyway Rick Ross DM me last week, but am still thinking of what to reply him.….. Abeg advice me and I can act

  28. It’s possible naa , obviously drake just want to chop and clean mouth like his been doing with other celebs , so make she come bcuz of dat yoh you nigaa wey no get Nuttin to offer pass what’s is between is 2 begs bone man wey she go spend the rest of her life with ? Shuooo ? I bow to una ohh

  29. Na wa o! I’m sure a lot of people here sent in comments due to the ‘headline’ am sure they didn’t read the interview in full. This Segun guy made it known at d end of d interview that NO interview ever took place

  30. A lot of Africans hate reading. So many dullards seeking attention. Before commenting, please read. If your dumb heads can’t phatom what is written, exit the post before commenting ignorantly.
    And by the way, even if Obama Dm’s her, she is worth it and it’s nobody’s business.

  31. My sister whether Obama dm you or North Korea president, see u better focus now and pls if u know it won’t last I take God name beg una, make una never born pikin. It’s d society that suffers it. No b tomorrow na, after 3kids, u go come dey form domestic violence come run liv ur husband house wit d kids or without, it’ll tell on them ooooo an d next pls na d society oooo!

  32. Please dear wife,never forget to stay married,for is not getting married.we don’t want to here stories that touch the heart so soon (eg) Tonto etc

  33. When drake z after someone more prettier than you..You are here lying..You better shut ur mouth n enjoy ya marriage. ..Bcuz n small small lie we dey use start am before we start saying Trump collected my phone number…

  34. Pple take things tooo Damn personal…. Even a lame man should know this is a fake story..

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