LMAO! Taxi Driver Fakes His Own Death In Calabar To Avoid Paying Fine (PHOTO)


GOBE! Wonders will never cease to come to an end in this world we live in.

On Friday, at the Marian Road, Calabar office of the Cross River State Commercial Transport Regulatory Agency, where many commercial vehicles were impounded for various offenses, a driver (pictured) faked his own death in order to evade paying fine.

He was found lying flat at the entrance to the CTRA premises where the scene attracted so many passers-by.

One of the eyewitnesses, who is a commercial cab driver, Mr. Nichola Eyo, said the driver was a trickster. .

Eyo said,

“He is fond of this act; each time he is
caught after violating traffic rule, he puts on such trick. The other time, he removed all his clothes and lay flat on the road along this same Marian Road.”…. he however jumped up when a well cooked dog meat was brought close to his nose…

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