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“Marvis Is An Impostor For Claiming To Be Princess Of Eleme Or Onne” – Nigerian Lady claims


A lady claiming to be the real princess of Eleme Kingdom, Osaron Dorothy, has accused former BBN housemate, Marvis of being an impostor for claiming to be the princess of Eleme,Rivers state.

Marvis who was among the top five of the just concluded reality show was earlier celebrated in Eleme local government by her father’s kinsmen while wearing princess apparels in celebration of her return.

At the welcome ceremony which was attended by her fellow housemates Bisola and Kemen, Marvis was referred to as the Eleme Princess.

However, Dorothy said she and her sisters are the only princesses in Eleme, calling Marvis an impersonator, alleging that she is not a princess as her father is not a King in Eleme or Onne.

Report claims there has been a heated controversy over the rulership of the kingdom by Marvis’ family and Dorathy’s family, as both fathers hold claim to the throne and have since gone to court for redress.

Dorothy on her Facebook page shared a document claiming to be from the state government recognising her father as the ruler of the kingdom.

She wrote:

“HRM King S.O Ejire Incumbent King of Eleme Kingdom,

“HRH King Dr. J.D Osaronu, Incumbent King of Onne.

“Why the Deceit.

“Enjoy your 48 hours fame.

“Princess of Eleme my foot.”

Source: Dailypost.Ng

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  1. Why is it dat some people r not always happy for other people’s success…. I smell jealousy in this lady’s speech, she’s just jealous. Even if she’s not a process at least she’s being given a royal welcome. She wants to b famous too

  2. Marvis is well recognized all over the world now, with her recognition and welcome party and blessing by ur DAD which his the King, don’t u know she as brought fame and recognition to your DAD’s kingdom, BC I for one don’t even know ur DAD as king, instead of u to embrace Marvis, u are their ranting and panting over princesship, Mumu, Attention Seeker Local champion princess of ELEME

  3. Jealousy doesn’t give anyone room to rethink. I smell envy but u know what? Mavis never said she is a princess and she never made mention of it until she left bbn, all this was discovered after the show. She is one humble girl too i have seen and she is not mouthy at all. Dorothy, you are so envious, you need help. See your face like karashika.

  4. na attention seeker. she wan b celeb.who sabi u?even as a princess u claim 2b, nobody know say u b princess. i no sabi u sef. just go close 2 marvis so she go help u dey famous. GOAT

  5. Abeg Wu b DAT albino, she resemble watin I c 4 dream run. Jealous, who princesship don EPP , we no even know say she b princess till she leave bbn, if na u, u 4dey spread like Python, dey kpuff, mumu. Go tell ur village native Dr say him no get talent.

  6. Madam carry your baseless matter from here.
    The fact that both families are still fighting for the same throne gives you know right to call her an impersonator. Infact if you claim to be a princess then you are a bigger impersonator.
    Don’t come and be using another person’s glory to shine. Make a name for yourself.
    Better go and continue your fight in the court and stop acting childish jor

  7. Princess Dorathy, I was born and raised in Onne; I guess you know what that means. Why I am writing about this is because I know the history and story of Eleme Kingship including that of Onne.
    Marvis is a Royalty and she never claimed to be “princess of Onne” rather she is a princess in Eleme because she is from a Royal family, so nobody is dragging your princessship with you.
    I think is a plus in the Eleme kingdom that Marvis is at the light of fame in Nigeria, all she needs here is our support. It would be wrong to bring family or Royalty issue at this time.
    After Eleme takes the glory

  8. I don’t even know her definition of princess. Everybody knows that marvis is from a Royal family.
    If you doubt me when you enter a bus going to Onne, tell the driver to drop you at Nkpornwi Junction and see if you will not be dropped at the junction, how did the name came to play in the whole of Eleme kingdom? I was not expecting the event of things that is being play out

  9. Jealously go kill you even in river state government recognized marvis father as the king of eleme kingdom. At least who knows you and your family nobody. Why your papa didn’t stop the welcome party thrown at marvis. Go sit down for gutter

  10. The way some idiots comes out to shade people senselessly is annoying, hope those crowd that gave her a warm welcome are impersonators too. You better find something else that will make you popular Olodo. Princess don’t always come out to say they are.#underworld princess my bad mouth sha

  11. I am from Eleme.
    And Marvis is a princess, if those fools are jealous about it, they are free to die.
    My marvis is not an imposter.
    Those fools claiming royalty are!
    They are just looking for a way to get noticed!
    Attention seekers!

  12. Who princess epp abeg my friend stand up and look for some good positions to brag and drag dat gal u are talking about is now a star in and out u should know wat i mean big bons

  13. And so what??? If your father is king or what???? You are just being jealous of Mavis
    If you are a princess, and what about it???? Have you achieved what Mavis achieved???? Must you wash your dirty “under wear” outside?? You are just seeking for notice!!!!!!
    You too, go to BBN and then you will be noticed. Ok?

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  15. Enemy of progress go and take a chiling pill na Waa na rea wa.I am a princess in my father’s kingdom(JESUS CHRIST)i beg say anoda thing as far am concern Marvis is a rea princess and if u ar nt happy go and kiss transformer Wet cloth…..

  16. O girl or o woman, weitin dey pepper u for body na,u no dey shame?who ask u if marvis is a princess or nt, nawa for u o,if u b princess of eleme Junction carry am go find work, loser, lolz

  17. Seriously u only wanted attention marvis we know as the true princess of Eleme and you are just a girl somewhere looking for attention and fame by force.Miss notice me and attention seeker abeg go and have a seat or rather u can huge any transformer nearest to you.mtcheeew

  18. Why are you people just jealous of her over nothing, you’re not her and you can’t be like her cus no one knows what is like to walk in her own shoes. Princess Marvis enjoy your crown, Nigerians that’s why some people will never progress forward in life. If you don’t like it like that please go and kill your self

  19. Hahaha wonders shall never end see embarrassment mummy girl na u get mind do this kind tin na waooow abeg make i ask who Mavis father’ come be if she is not a princess i no won talk oooh because i was born and broth up in ONNE as a grandchild i know the history of ONNE very well but any way am just passing let me come and be going because if i answer u hmmmm

  20. Dorathy so just becos they made ur father 2nd class king of Eleme on the 21st of last month of this yr, u Don begin call Marvis impostor. Mind u Marvis father na 1st class king of Eleme.(so both of u are princess)but Marvis is more superior than u,”1st class ” So pack well

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  22. Gbam gbam Nigeria film, war start , my dear wat so ever u are called plsooooo let mavis rest after a long Trip. Body dey catch u if u want make we notice u? Ehnnnn we done see u but u no reach. Oya bye bye

  23. Even if she is not a princess, All you could do is to come out and expose her, What will you gain by so doing, You that’s claiming to be the real princess, No body know you and i think no body want to know you, Learn to always be your sister’s keeper and stop being a sadist. See her makeup self

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