“I’m Still Looking For The Perfect Woman”- Faze Spills Out

Most of his contemporaries may be married but pop singer , Faze , is not under any pressure to sign the dotted lines .

The Originality singer told Sunday Scoop that he has placed his marital destiny in God ’ s hands . 

He said , 

“ It’ s in the making. I ’ m letting God take over because it’ s not easy to get a perfect woman not to talk of a perfect man . Right now, I ’ m concentrating on my album which is almost ready ; it’ s just the collaborations with artistes that ’ s delaying its release . ”

Sparing some advice for young ones in the industry , he said , 

“ Work hard and never give up because you never can tell when you will achieve your goals. ”

On persons that have shaped his career, Faze said ,

 “ I don ’ t have a specific person in life but people like Fela and Bob Marley , who have motivational words , have influenced me . ”

When asked to name his most memorable song , the former Plantashun Boiz singer said , 

“ I really cannot say because when I view the comments from people on most of my songs , it’ s hard for me to choose . However , the songs that have huge impact on my fans are my favourites because I sell my songs to them, not to myself . But I ’ m in love with the songs , Faze Alone and Originality . ”

The singer also noted that ‘ finding his kind of sound and music that connects with his fan base ’ was the toughest part of his career. “ But I ’ ve found it now , ” 

he added gleefully .

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